Mad-Dog Waves

People on breakwaters or coastal cliffs may be swept into the sea by large overtopping waves.These waves are often called”Mad-Dog Waves” since they can rush onshore unexpectedly much as mad-dogs do humans.

Locations where mad-dog waves tend to occur

1.Rocky shore or coastal cliffs
2.The flat top surface of coastal structures
3.Coastal structures with dolosse
4.Breakwaters with vertical front walls

Mad-dog waves seasons

1.Fall/ Winter (October-March of the following year)
Prevailing wind of northeast monsoon often causes large coastal waves.

2.Typhoon Seasons (June-October)
Dangerous typhoon waves may reach the coast even when the typhoon is still offshore and no warnings are issued by the weather authority.

When visiting the coast, check the weather conditions and the sea state with the meteorological agency. Also, if you see signs installed by authorities with warnings of past incidences of mad-dog waves events, be wary of the dangerous waves.

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