Rip currents-Beaches

are ideal places to cool off in the summer.However,when people are enjoying their leisurely fun,drowning accidents do happen,and lives are lost at the beaches every year.Studies conducted in the United States and Brazil suggested that 80% of drownings are caused by rip currents.

Where is the rip current?

Rip currents are usually located at the calm area between incoming breaker or at where the surface color differs from that of the surrounding water.

4 steps to save yourself

1.Stay Calm
Stay calm and do not flight the current to swim back in.

Keep yourself afloat and let the current take you out, then swim parallel to the coast, and swim back in from where there is no rip current.

3.Keep Head Out of Water
When caught in the rip current, keep  your head out of the water and relax.

Shout to get the attention of the others or lifeguards.

5 steps to save people from drowning

1.Shout to get help from lifeguards.

2.Call 112, 119, 118, or 110.

3.Give a long object to the drowning person, such as a pole or a tree branch.

4.Throw something that floats, such as life preservers, kickboards, or tire tubes.

5.Row a boat, a life ring or anything that floats to the rescue.

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